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Provided by primary care practitioners for primary care practitioners. We provide essential training to Physiotherapist, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, GP, Acupuncturists, Sport Exercise Graduates, Massage Therapist and anyone else involved in MSK Healthcare on the power and pitfalls of musculoskeletal imaging. Find out more About Us


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Other Featured Case Studies

Hear about other cases where understanding the imaging process (and the images themselves) has had a direct impact and change in direction on manual therapy, and in some cases has proved to be a critical.

Dynamic MRI Reveals Cause of Patient’s Sciatica, That Was Not Shown on Standard MRI Scan

Disc Bulge Not Mentioned on Radiologist’s Report

Facet Joint Cyst


We are a team of musculoskeletal clinicians who have spent years working alongside top radiologists, surgeons and other musculoskeletal clinicians.

Darren Chandler

Darren Chandler

Musculoskeletal Osteopath

Robert Shanks

Robert Shanks

Musculoskeletal Osteopath

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