Rehab Programmes


8 Week Core Exercise Programme


There is a strong association between Back Pain and poor Core muscle function, one tends to lead the other. Improving core muscle function is one of the key components for tackling back pain. However, several experts have cited some traditional “Core Exercises”, “Ab Workouts” and even some Pilates and Yoga exercises as being counterproductive by placing excessive strain on spinal structures such as the intervertebral discs.

Whilst it is not solely designed for back pain sufferers, this structured 8 week programme has been designed in the true sense of “core stability”. The abdominal, spinal, pelvic and trunk muscles are trained to promote postural awareness, restrict movement, and stabilise the lumbar spine, thereby promoting spinal health by dampening the shear forces associated with degenerative disc disease. The featured exercises have all been carefully selected to be tolerable by back pain suffers, and are featured with clear written explanations and links to video footage of each exercise being demonstrated by the author, Robert Shanks, founder of, author of Back Pain Decoded, and Co-Founding director of Spine Plus Clinics, and Go2 Imaging.