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(Make Sure Patients) Don’t Make The Same Mistake

Patients can sometimes be tempted to look at their own MRI scans and be drawn to bright shiny things on the scan. As practitioners we are tempted to do this and to focus on the spinal structures. We should always remember to also look outside of the area of concern i.e. at the extra spinal structures.





Herniated Disc Treatment – MRI scan & IDD Therapy treatment

Here’s an MRI scan review of a patient who came to us for IDD Therapy Spinal Decompression, she had a very large intervertebral disc extrusion causing tremendous sciatic pain in her leg but she had a very good outcome from the IDD Therapy treatment. 


In this video Darren shows the appearance and discusses haemangiomas in the vertebral body of a patients spine.





MRI Reveals Facet Joint Cyst

A patient was suspected as having disc protrusion as the cause of his radiculopathy. However, after several sessions of treatment an MRI scan was sought which revealed the true cause as being a facet joint cyst.





Disc Protrusion Not Mentioned on Radiologists Report

Having received a report which categorically stated no disc protrusion was present, inspection of the MRI images clearly showed that there was a significant (far lateral) disc protrusion necessitating a second radiologist’s re-report.





Dynamic MRI Required To Reveal Patients Pain Source

A patient presented to clinic with a long history of sciatic, worse when standing. He has consulted numerous previous practitioners and received standard MRI scans without successful identification of his pain source or symptom relief.  Dynamic (weight bearing) MRI scan was requested which clearly identified his problem.





Facet Joint Cyst

This is review of patient’s MRI scan showing a facet joint cyst as the cause of their sciatica. This patient was referred on to colleagues at The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital for a CT guided facet cyst injection. 

Stenosis Not Suitable for IDD Therpay

This was a review of an MRI scan of a patient who presented to Spine Plus Clinics but was deemed unsuitable for Spinal Decompression (IDD) Therapy. 

Jacknife Disc Presentation on Spinal MRI

This disc herniation with spondylolisthesis was causing pinching on the posterior aspect of the disc upon backward bending movement (extension). This video shows an MRI scan of patient who sought treatment from Spine Plus with an unusual disc herniation. The patient had previously been performing McKenzie style extension exercises and swimming as part of his rehab which in his case had exacerbated his pain. He needed careful bespoke management with which he made a good recovery and was able to avoid surgery. 


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