“… was the best talk I’ve been to on Mris. Have been looking for something like this for ages. Obviously need to go over info to fully digest, but very clear , very informative, top notch!”

Laurens Holve,

I watched the videos on your website the other day. Really useful stuff as back in the 90s when I trained I don’t remember anything being taught on MRI. We had a session on X-ray reading!”

Tim Hanwell
Director Berkhamsted Osteopaths/IDD Clinic.


Brilliant webinar from Go2imaging on navigating MRI software with confidence. Robert and Darren are generous with their knowledge, made it uncomplicated, accessible, relevant and fun too (always helps). This webinar will save you time in clinic and sharpen your eyes to the hidden information not noted in scan reports, which could for your patient be lifesaving.

Sandie Ennis
B.A (Hons) B.Ost PgCert ACE (Clin Ed) Osteopath and Clinical Educator


I’ve been on too many courses that have been pitched at too wide and audience….Not I hasten to add what you guys present: thorough, testing, and clinically relevant.

Anthony Padgett,
Msk Physiotherapist.


I thank my lucky stars that on graduating from the British School of Osteopathy in 2007 I was invited to become a member of the team at Spine Plus. We had a well deserved reputation in the community for clinical excellence. It was around this time that Robert and Darren developed a particular professional interest in disc injuries and MRI diagnostics, a fine art requiring hundreds of hours of patience. It became quite apparent to us that MRI scan reports could sometimes have gross failings. I have always kept in touch with Robert and Darren but professionally I still ask them for opinions on some of the MRI scans that I receive. Their skill in this field is breathtakingly good, and I sincerely hope that the osteopathic schools take advantage of their longstanding commitment to excellent patient outcomes by including their courses at undergraduate level.

Phil Ashcroft
Osteopath Covent Garden 


Rob and Darren are the most knowledgeable clinicians I know when it comes to spinal MRI interpretation. I always consult through go2imaging for second opinions on all my challenging spinal patient cases. With their wealth of knowledge I could not recommend their courses highly enough. There is no one better, the guys are world class!’

Jonathan Wride,
ESP Physio & Msk Sonographer


I am enjoying the training so much, and learning oodles!

Denise Varley